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Creating More Space Around Your Home

One of the biggest challenges faced by the majority of homeowners is finding ways to make the most of their space, because not everyone can afford to simply get a bigger place — and regardless, you may not even need to. The following is a look at some of the things you can do to create more space in your home and have it feeling like a much larger place.

Add some more storage

Better storage will give you somewhere to put all of those items that are cluttering up your place, so take a good look at exactly what is taking up so much room and add a few extra storage spaces that will be able to fit all of those things. By adding an extra storage chest that can double as a table, or even adding a backyard shed, you will finally have somewhere to put everything and will probably be quite amazed at how spacious your home can actually be.


If you are lucky enough to own your home but your family has started to outgrow it, consider having some renovations done, because even a few simple additions can once again provide all of the space your family needs. Strategically knocking out an interior wall can add a huge amount of space to your home, or having a granny flat built out back can suddenly mean there are no space problems at all. Opening up the kitchen, adding a veranda, or putting in a patios will all help create more space at your home, and you can be as drastic or conservative with the changes as you like. Whether you research online or watch home renovation shows; get some advice and you may be able to do at least some of the renovations yourself.

Downsize your belongings

The reason you feel short on space may be due to the fact you simply own too much stuff, so downsize your belongings and get rid of all of those items you rarely ever use. You may be able to sell some of those that are still in good condition by way of a yard sale, or even online classifieds like Gumtree. Otherwise, donate or recycle as much as you can.

Get organised

Your space issue might be due to being disorganised with the way you are storing your belongings, and may be mostly a matter of finding better ways to use the space you have. It may take you a few solid hours of work, or even an entire weekend, but by going through your current storage and reorganising it a little, you may find you have more than enough space already.

Get inspired

If you are stuck for ideas, take a look at what others are doing to get more space in their homes. Whether you search online, watch home decorating shows, or look through interior design magazines at the local library, often all it takes it seeing someone else’s solution to spark a great idea of your own.

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