Benefits of Blinds over Curtains

Blinds have a number of advantages over curtains, whether you’re updating a modern or older home. These versatile window treatments can be custom made to match any home design and offer greater control over light, privacy and heat levels compared to drapes.

Here are some of the main reasons to consider going with blinds in any room of the house.

Light control

The most obvious benefit of blinds is that you can decide exactly how much light is allowed to enter the room at different times of the day. If you desire total blackout, designs such as roller blinds don’t let any light through, while blinds made of translucent and lighter materials diffuse sunlight to bathe the room in a soft glow.

You should also check that your blinds block harmful UV rays, with products such as ambient blinds offering up to 99 percent UV blockout.


As well as keeping the sun out of your eyes and off the TV screen, blinds prevent neighbours and passersby from seeing into your property. The classic Venetian blind design features adjustable slats that can be rotated to allow you to see out without anyone else seeing in.

Energy efficiency

Blinds can help you to save energy and lower your electricity bills too, by reducing heat gain in the summer and preventing heat from escaping during the winter more efficiently than fabric curtains. Solid panel blinds made of reflective material can reduce heat gain by 45 percent when closed.




Blinds can be raised, lowered, opened and closed using dangling cords, rotating wands or remote control to offer greater convenience wherever you are in the room. You don’t even have to operate your blinds manually when you set automatic timers to adjust light levels at different times of the day.


Curtains come in a variety of colours and patterns, but blinds are much more diverse in styles and material. You can spend a long time poring over catalogues and websites, searching for the perfect match for your home.


With their durable powder-coated frames and mould and mildew resistant materials, blinds are considerably easier to maintain than curtains. If you have wood blinds, these should be treated to prevent damage from moisture and UV rays.

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The Benefits of Open Plan Living

Open plan living has proven to be a popular choice for many modern Australian homes. Not only do open plan homes enhance existing spaces by creating more room and introducing more light into living areas, but they also allows for easy entertaining. Keep reading to find out whether open plan living is the right option for your home.


Image via Pinterest

Natural Light and Air Flow

Open plan living means wide open spaces, which is ideal for promoting the flow of air within your home and diffusing natural light through different living areas. With no walls or doors to act as barriers, both the breeze and sunlight from windows around your house can filter through uninterrupted. Your home will be lighter, brighter, and much better ventilated, which will undoubtedly be a godsend during the hot summer months.

Beautiful Interiors

If you enjoy sprawling spaces with minimalist décor and modern fittings, you’ll likely enjoy an open plan layout. This style of living allows you to easily shift your furniture and other interior items to create different dynamics. This is particularly desirable if you’ve ever contemplated switching the position of your dining area and lounge room.

Shared Family Spaces

It can be difficult for modern families to coordinate their busy schedules in order to spend time together. With open plan living, you can enjoy each other’s company in communal spaces instead of being cooped up separately in different rooms. Even if individuals are involved in their own separate activities, being able to relax in the same area will contribute to a sense of togetherness.

Room for Entertainment

If you love hosting dinner parties and weekend brunches, or simply having friends and family over to visit, then an open plan layout will be well suited to your lifestyle. Having a connected kitchen, dining room and living room allows you to easily entertain, while cooking up a storm or prepping drinks. Open plan living contributes to a much friendlier and interactive social atmosphere, one where you and your guests can mingle freely. If you have an outdoor deck, patios or veranda, having an open plan layout in your home can also bridge the gap between the indoors and outdoors, making alfresco dining and entertaining that much easier.

However, open plan living isn’t for everyone. It’s important to consider whether or not this aesthetic will suit your unique lifestyle. However, if done properly, an open plan layout can greatly enhance your day-to-day living and increase your enjoyment of the various spaces within your home.

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Boost Your Backyard: Green Walls and Shelf Gardens

If you’re looking for an innovative and modern way to enhance the greenery in your garden, green walls and shelf gardens are  trends that you can consider adopting within your own home.

Both options allow you to incorporate plants in your front or backyard without minimising your outdoor space, and are also an effective way to inject life in your existing garden or patio.


If green walls are unfamiliar territory to you, don’t be intimidated. Commonly found in many large modern office spaces and building surfaces, green walls are vertical gardens built on panels that have in-built water delivery systems. The plants that grow on these walls are highly adaptive to its surrounds and contribute to insulation.

via LizTurner
The different types of green walls include:

  • Interior or exterior walls
  •  Free standing walls
  • Building facades

Installation of green walls can be specially fitted by businesses that specialise in building the structural system, bit if you’re after a cost-effective alternative, you can DIY your own wall.

The best part about green walls is that you can control the surface it populates; these vertical gardens can be built according to the size of your available space.


via Freshome


Like green walls, shelf gardens are conscious of space and add design element to your outdoor living area. Shelf gardens are typically free-standing racks that contain potted or planted vegetation, flowers and shrubbery. This option is an easy way to showcase various plants in one area, and is also a popular method used to grow organic herbs.


via Kim Vallee

Using this method is a low cost option and an ideal solution to adding plants in minimal spaces such as an apartment balcony, a small backyard corner or a section of a patio deck. Shelf gardens are flexible in design and size, making it easy to customise to your specification.

So next time you choose to add plant life around your home, consider adding a vertical or shelf garden to easily boost the liveliness of your outdoor area.

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Decorating your Outdoor Pergola

Pergola’s are a natural addition to a home and are a functional way to enhance living space. Often, outdoor spaces are left barren or are given little to no attention because they aren’t utilized as frequently as indoor living areas.  However, any part of your home should reflect a sense of care and all areas should naturally flow into one another.

Decorating your outdoor area is a great way to ensure that your home has unified effect and is livable throughout.

To maximise the aesthetical appeal of your patio, consider using these simple additions when decorating:


Image via Baran Studio


Adding plants toy our outdoor space will instantly brighten up the area.

For easy upkeep, consider putting low maintenance potted plants such as succulents, pines, ivy’s and ferns.

However, for those looking to permanently commit to a garden, aim for a number of different plants that will flourish in different seasons in order to have a blooming outdoor area all year round.

Furniture & Decor

To turn your pergola into an area where you can entertain and relax in, invest in an outdoor furniture set that’s weather-proof so you can use it throughout the year.

Additionally, you can add personal touches by adding things such as outdoor lights, your favourite decorative pieces and outdoor artwork such as small sculptures or a centre piece for your table.

The Extra Mile

If you want to go the extra mile and turn your outdoor area into a regular living area, consider adding in homely additions such as a suspended hammock, a built in outdoor lounge, a day bed or egg chairs. You can even bring the indoor feel outdoor by adding throw blankets and pillows in the shaded areas.

By adding these pieces, you can utilise your pergola as a place where you can spend your recreational down time by yourself or in the company of friends and family.

Whether you’re looking to build a pergola or have an existing one, these outdoor decorating ideas are some of the ways in which you can spruce up an area that is otherwise left bare. An outdoor space worth looking at is an area worth spending time in.

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An Outdoor Christmas Affair

If you love entertaining or hosting festive Christmas parties for your friends and family, building an outdoor entertaining area is a perfect way to set the mood for this year’s holiday season.

A patio extension not only creates a vibrant and open ambience, it also produces a relaxed party vibe.

Whether you have a limited or flexible amount of space available in your backyard, a veranda can enhance any living area by adding dimension to your current home.

Ideal for hosting either large or intimate gatherings, the many perks of having an outdoor extension is that its layout can be readily configured to your needs or liking.

Image via Sprouted Kitchen

Limited Backyard Space

For homes with a tight outdoor space, a veranda can be used as an area to lay out a buffet style Christmas feast whilst guests relax and enjoy downtime in an allocated indoor living area.

Alternatively, you can use the space as an after meals lounging area where you can host gift exchanges and Christmas activities while light refreshments and deserts are served.

Naturally, patios and decks fit well together, so consider adding timber decking to enhance to the appeal of your outdoor space.

Expansive Backyard Space

Larger outdoor areas are ideal for hosting big gatherings and are a perfect way to keep all your guests in one part of your home.

Homes with a larger backyard are able to utilise their outdoor section as both an eating and lounging area for guests, with the ability to double as a games area for kids.

Decorating Outdoor

Decorating your veranda ultimately comes down to personal style and taste. This Christmas, aim to include novelty style pieces and bright twinkling lights to create a festive ambience.

Additionally, you can allocate a small corner for an outdoor Christmas tree or decorate existing plants with ornaments, stockings and wreaths.

For your table setting, incorporate festive coloured table covers or runners and small decorative pieces such as pine cones, potted succulents and candles for added

Best of all, you can do it all over again for the upcoming New Year!

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