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Entertaining Outside from Winter to Summer

You probably have an outdoor area that you are thinking of upgrading at some point and you are probably thinking of its use in Summer. Have you ever really thought about using your outdoor area or veranda in winter and other seasons? There are some options that won’t cost you a fortune and will make your outdoor area more flexible throughout the year.

When you really look at your outdoor entertaining area you will realise that you may not even use it in the colder months. Ever been to a cafe in winter? Of course you have and you may have even sat outside, so how do they do it? Keeping your outdoor area warm in winter can be easier than you think.

Hot Enough for You?

There are a few simple ways to keep your outdoor area or pergola warm in winter and they are not that expensive:

  • Enclosing your outdoor area will keep it much warmer.
  • Adding heating is easy in the form of a gas warmer.

These two simple techniques can be achieved without having to make your outdoor area the same as the inside of your house. While you can have fancier extensions that have solid walls opting for adaptable outdoor settings makes more sense. If you have a totally enclosed outdoor area then what will you do once it warms up?

Windy Worries

One of the biggest problems people find in using an outdoor area all year round is wind and rain. This is where drop down PVC walls come in handy and are relatively inexpensive. It also keeps your under cover area nice and airy in spring and summer when you want to feel the breeze.

Make sure your outdoor furniture is heavy enough not to blow around.

Use plants, walls and fences as windbreaks for your back yard.

Make sure you have good quality awnings and pergolas installed as a strong wind can easily get under them!

Let the Sun Shine In

Another option for your entertainment area is an opening roof as well as adjustable walls and sides. This means that you can still have a sunny area for entertaining in the warmer months and then a closed in warm and inviting setting in colder months. Not only that, but it means you can be assured your BBQ won’t be ruined by a sudden summer storm either!

Some covering will get hot in certain conditions being made out of metal.

Having any type of covering may also mean being cold in the winter months.

An opening roof system allows you to have the best of both worlds no matter the what the weather is doing.

If you are looking at having plastic sides for your undercover area remember what elements it will be exposed to. Not only will it have to cope with wind and rain but it can also be damaged by the sun and heat. Make sure you have quality materials and construction in all of your outdoor entertaining areas

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