Can I buy and install a veranda DIY


Often people ask can I buy the material only and install it myself? My sentiment is no..

Why would you do that?

Would you buy all the car parts and build your own car?

You’ve got to be crazy.

Would you do your own surgery? You get experts to do that for you.

Let us not forget what is going to happen here. You have to have a work site. Often it involves work platforms not ladders, specialised tools. We all know about them, we’ve all been to the factory. Let alone trade skills. With the greatest respect to my clients I am going to say that most people, most of the time unless they are trade based and trade skilles are probably not going to be able to do this in a good finish. We can guarantee it every time.

Hold up, what about if you do it yourself, there are now warranties

No warranties.

How would you like to lay awake at night, you are in a very windy area and you are wondering if this roof  is going to take off and kill someone’s child? It is just not worth the worry.

The thing is I mean we make our products out of steel and it means and there is probably a bout a 1-2 mill of tolerance a section. Not much so when you are not working with timber where you have got the tolerances, you can still pack it up and fix it or such. But, in terms of what we have you replace one beam you, you might as well have had us do it, you know rather than sort of…

I had one client who built the veranda himself. For the seven years he stayed in that house he couldn’t stop it from leaking.  On their new dream home, the wife would not let him.

How often would our office get a call, and this would be almost weekly, and it is usually from the wife, asking us if we could complete a job that her husband had started?

How many times have we been out to jobs and people have said I’ve got all this material can you make a veranda for me?

I think we are all guilty of having something at home we didn’t quite finish.

I can’t  forget, it’s in my mind, indelibly imprinted. I’m talking to this couple and the husband, says oh look I am going to do that. And she looked at him and she looked at me and she said oh no you are not. I have seen the standard of your work.

It is not worth it. You are dealing with your most expensive investment


You want to add value to your home. You don’t want something that detracts from it.

You have to look at it every day. It had better be good.