Can I Get A Quote For A Veranda Over The Phone


That is a very good question. The reality is you can’t get an accurate quote over the phone. There are so many variables when it comes to quoting. How are we attaching to the house? Are we close to boundaries? Potential permit problems; there are just an abundance of things that cannot be addressed. Yourself being an individual that is not of the full understanding of all these ramifications and requirements- to be able to give us that accurate information. So realistically if you want an accurate quote then you do need someone to come out to your home. Any company out there that isn’t willing to come out to your home or offering to give quotes on the phone, I would really question the quality of the quote. The last thing you really want to do is be in a position where you’ve asked for a price, you’ve been given a price and then when it comes to the time to actually put pen to paper and make that formal contract and get the wheels in motion, and you find that the quote just isn’t accurate anymore. All of a sudden that it’s increased by 25%; it’s just not fair on you as a consumer. So we as a company we are happy to come out and give you an obligation free quote. It’s a free design process. And I believe all companies should be doing the same. It just ensures there is no misrepresentation and you really are getting what you are paying for. Thank you