Do I need to connect my veranda to storm water


Looking short answer, yes.  With few exceptions do we get out of storm water. And one of those exceptions would be a typical veranda is covered, by definition it has a roof cover it is collecting rainwater. A pergola is an open frame rainwater falls. The requirements of just about all councils right across Australia is that a roof collects storm water which is to be diverted to storm drains. Sometimes we will get clients ask us questions like can we collect the water off the roof and put it into a rain water storage tank? That is a very very good option and a win-win situation. Why wouldn’t’ you use for water that you get off your roof for free?

But even then if I think about that the requirement is that the overflow of that tank be connected to storm water. So let us deal with it. We will come out and we will have a chat with you we go through that issue very solidly. We take into consideration how much water is falling on your existing roof. Do we divert that to your existing storm water? Do we collect water into one down pipe? Do we divide it amongst 2 or 3? We will get that bit right. So leave it to Install A veranda, we will get that storm water issue fixed.