Does A Veranda Add Value To Your Home


Absolutely a veranda increases the value of your home. Look , I know that you guys often say  that if you spend $10,000 on a veranda you have added $30,000 to the house. I am a bit more conservative. Definitely it is going to add $20,000 to the value of your house

You have only got to look at it from a point of view. Just pick up any paper you like and have a look at the way that the real estate agents sell homes. The camio shot inevitably is a patio if it’s a good

People want to look outside

I think the key to it though is it has to be done right. If something is not designed properly to complement a home, isn’t done with consideration to landscape, isn’t done with building permits, or is done with a substandard material, all of which, although it does create the space may not necessarily add value. So you really want to deal with something that adds value

A class structure will put value unto a home, a tacky one just pulls it away

In the 21st century people are looking for outdoor living space. We have change the way we are using our homes

It has almost become mandatory to have a veranda at your home

It is un-Australian not to have a veranda

It is, it is