How Long Does It Take To Install A Veranda


People are often surprised when we tell them we plan to have their veranda up, all systems going in the one day. This may mean starting at 8 in the morning and finishing at last light, but it will be done. We employ dedicated teams to install our verandas. They are not going to down tools and say we have a gig somewhere else, we will see you next Tuesday. We will install in a day. If we have to come back for a second day, of course we will. A large job can take up to three days.

Of course that is just purely due to the fact that the very detail measure at a manufacturing process off site. The veranda has been through the system once. It has been manufactured, it has been shrink wrapped, sent to site, no cutting will be required. It is purely an assembly.

The beautiful thing about Stratco verandas is that they are fully engineered.

They have computer stress test, they have simulated virtual tests. We know they are going to work before the first screw is turned.

I think it is equally important to say that we install a majority in a day. I think clients are also quite impressed that we complete the full process from as little as 3-5 weeks from doing your building permit, to manufacturing and getting on site.

That is equally important

Most people are, when I actually say the one day, they sort of go, they virtually fall off their chair because they are used to seeing someone out there for a week, a week and a half, sometimes 2 weeks.

It is crazy.

What helps the process, we employ our own building teams. We don’t have to rely on subcontractors

You have to think of as bits well. And bits are sometimes inconvenienced by the fact that people are sort of doing

We give you up to 2 weeks notice of the day we are coming to install. And it will be on that day. You can plan your life around it.