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Free Software to Help Plan Your Home Improvements

If you are starting to plan some improvements for around your home, there is no shortage of fantastic free software to help you get it just the way you want it. The following are some of the best available.

Sweet Home 3D

This amazing open source software allows you to choose an existing plan and modify it by drawing the walls, floors and ceilings you want over the top of it. Any changes made in 2D can be viewed in 3D, making it extremely easy to get a sense of what the design would actually look like in real life. With the added advantage of being able to drag and drop furniture into the rooms you have created, Sweet Home 3D is easily one of the best free home planning software programs available.

SmartDraw Floor Plan

This free floor plan design software allows you to plan everything from floor plans and house plans to detailed kitchens, bathrooms and office spaces, making this one incredibly useful design and planning tool. This incredible program also comes equipped with high quality graphics of bathroom fixtures, cabinets, plants, verandas, lighting fixtures and landscaping elements, making it one of the only software programs you will ever need.

Envisioneer Express

This easy to use, free residential software program allows you to import real world items such as windows and doors into your plan, making it more realistic than you would believe possible.


Gliffy is a free online diagram service, which can be extremely useful in coming up with a floor plan design for your home. With its own library of shapes and graphics to represent everything from televisions to plants, Gliffy is a useful tool for simple and easy floor planning and design.


This amazing program makes it easy for the average person to utilise professional design tools and create a high-quality floor plan, all without any prior knowledge of interior design.

Mydeco 3D Room Planner

This simple, free program allows the user to insert everything from walls, ceilings and doors to touches like kitchen appliances, plants and light fixtures. Not the most sophisticated of the home improvement software available, but still a useful and easy-to-use planning tool.

IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA is a long-time leader in affordable interior design, and this IKEA design program allows you to plan out your kitchen using graphics showing all of the latest in IKEA products and design. The big benefit of this program is that once you find that perfect design, you will be able to go out to IKEA and buy it.


The big advantage of the Homestyler program is that you can make use of more specific branded graphics, and get more than just a generic look at what is possible with your plans.

Roomle Online Interior Room Design Software

Another easy to use, free software program, Roomle Online allows users to play around with a whole range of options, ranging from pergolas to potted plants, enabling the user plenty of scope to get really creative and to find that ultimate floor plan design.

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