5 Non-Traditional Wedding Locations

For most couples, the wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. It’s an opportunity to affirm their love for each other in the presence of family, friends and all the people that mean the most to them in the world. And while, traditionally, weddings have been held in churches, there is an increasing trend for couples to add their own spin to the wedding, holding it in weird and wonderful locations to make the event unique and memorable. From historic national parks to lovely backyard pergolas , here we look at five non-traditional wedding locations.

National park wedding

The world is full of beautiful national parks abounding with all sorts of trees, plants and wildlife that can provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. However, these places remain beautiful because they’re well protected, so if you wish to hold a ceremony in any national parks you’ll need to apply for a permit from the region’s national park and wildlife service. Still, if you can get that piece of paperwork out of the way, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning and memorable location — and the photos will look amazing.

Beach wedding

If you and your partner love the sand and surf, then why not host your wedding on the place that makes you the most happy? The beach wedding is an excellent option in summer if you want a relaxed and sunny vibe for your ceremony. Some beaches require permission to use for a wedding ceremony, so if you’ve picked your spot then contact the local council to find out if it’s okay to hold your wedding there, or if you’ll need to fill in some paperwork. Most importantly, have a contingency plan in case the rain comes — you’ll be exposed to the elements with nowhere to hide!

Historic house wedding

Weddings are all about tradition and creating a sense of history, and nothing conveys that better than a building that was constructed over 100 years ago. Historic houses can be found wherever you are in the world, and many of them allow happy couples to take advantage of their grandiose design on a wedding day. If you have a spot that you find particularly appealing, contact the people or the trust that are in charge of the building and find out what is required to use the place for your happy day. If it’s a particularly popular place, you may need have others looking to book it too, so get in early.

Sailboat wedding

For something really different, why not hire a boat for the day and take your guests out onto the wide open seas? Sailing weddings are great for romantic and adventurous couples, and the accompanying metaphor of setting sail in your new life together is another bonus. You can stop at wonderful tropical locations and toast with champagne as the sun sets on the horizon. Many companies offer sailboat weddings, so jump on Google and see what you can find.

Backyard wedding

If you have a pretty backyard that is big enough to hold many guests, nothing provides an intimate and homely feel to your big day like a backyard wedding. Leafy pergolas and gazebos are great backyard structures that can be taken advantage of, and verandas are a great place for guests to gather for a good old-fashioned feed after the ceremony.

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4 Ideas for a Romantic Garden Wedding

If you have a beautiful garden, patio or pergola in your backyard, then it is no surprise that you might be thinking of having your wedding at home. Having a wedding at home brings a level of intimacy and comfort to this special day that no other venue can match. Imagine being able to walk down the aisle and say your vows in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by the beauty of your own garden.

Before the big day, be sure to take a look around your yard and make sure you can tidy up to make a spotless setting for your special day. Hire a gurney and remove moss, mould, dirt and cobwebs. Remove any tools, toys or equipment lying around. Finally, choose a theme that complements your existing garden.


If your garden is abundant with tropical plants and lush, shiny foliage then try hiring bamboo or wooden chairs to blend with your existing teak decking or pergola. Consider decorating with frangipanis, hibiscus or bougainvillea. You could display bougainvillea in high gloss, ceramic pots or lovely hanging baskets. These flowers lend a touch of colour and delicacy to a tropical theme.

Depending on the flowers you choose, you can tie in the colour with some ribbons or decorations such as white and yellow for frangipani, or magenta and green for bougainvillea or hibiscus.

Serve you canapés on trays lined with banana leaves to reflect lush greenery of your garden and line the outskirts with tiki torches for a soft, tropical glow.

If you have a pool, sprinkle in some flowers or floating candles to really add a touch of romance.


A cottage garden will suit many suburban garden settings, especially if you have a white pergola. Flowers like lavender, roses, box hedges and Ficus will all look wonderful. A cottage garden wedding will need white chairs and table clothes, with classic touches like rose bouquets and candles. Serving food and drinks on antique china would be a nice touch.

Fairy lights add romance, strung around the outskirts of the garden and inside the tent.


If your garden is modern and sleek, then perhaps a very minimalist style wedding will suit. Perhaps you have a tiled or wooden deck or patio, dotted with succulents or Australian natives. This look will lend itself to flowers that you hire or pot yourself such as bird of paradise, frangipani, lilies or perhaps something unique like wattle, flannel flowers or waratahs.

Lighting can become a feature in a sleek setting but keep it subtle. Look for soft, up lit or recessed lighting. If you want candlelight, then use large pillar candles perched on over sized dark wooden stands.

Colours for decorations and table settings should be strong and dynamic oranges, reds or purples.


If your back yard is a melting pot of colour and variety, then a bohemian style wedding might suit your garden wedding. You can choose from any colours as long as they are vibrant and accent with shimmering ribbons and sheer, flowing curtains. Use candles and fairy lights to give your garden an inviting glow. Don’t be afraid to mix and match everything from the ribbons, tablecloths, plates and glasses. The bohemian theme is supposed to look thrown together and comfortable. Decorate the patios with lights and try and fill empty spaces with pots of lush ferns and chairs with cosy cushions.

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