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How to Build a Patio

The patio is such a charming addition to a home. When you think of sitting out on the patio, you think of cool drinks, summer breezes, good friends and fun times. Good things happen on patios . They cultivate an idea of family togetherness, entertaining, old-world fun. It is for this reason that more and more Australians are choosing to take things into their own hands and build themselves that little ‘slice of nice’ in their own backyards. Here, we’ve put together a basic guide on how to go about creating one, so pay attention…and then get going!


In terms of the way your patio is going to look, it’s important to take into consideration the design elements of your home. The patio will be an extension of this, and a good patio draws people outside, blending perfectly with its surroundings and enhancing the existing aesthetics of your house. We recommend consulting a design company who can advise you on structure, materials and the overall style, so that you can be sure that you ge the utmost quality from your new addition.


Likewise, materials need to be accordant with the existing style and materials of your home, as well as sturdy and long-lasting enough to withstand weather, protect while you entertain and provide an enjoyable space for the whole family. For a traditional style patio, we recommend wrought iron and wood, while a more contemporary style might incorporate stained wood and stainless steel.

Consider the Elements

The weather where you live is another thing to take into consideration when building a patio, as it is important to choose both materials and a structure that are suited to withstanding conditions. Make sure you don’t compromise quality for cost, because an investment in sturdy and reliable materials will save you a lot down the line.

The Building Process

As with most things in life, it is essential to lay solid foundations before you do anything else. Depending n the structure you’ve decided on, you may have a concrete base or a wood decking (note that many wooden decks also incorporate a concrete base) or perhaps you will be using stone or pavers. Once you have your foundations in place you can erect the structure itself, ensuring you adhere to safety and building codes. It’s advisable to have your structure checked by the local council to ensure it meets requirements, both for your safety and for the value of your home.

Not only will building a patio be a rewarding exercise in DIY expertise, but it will add value and enjoyment to your home for years to come.

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