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How to Maintain Your Outdoor Area

As summer rolls round many of us come out the back to finally clean up the much neglected outdoor area. However, maintaining your patios and pergolas year round can mean you have more opportunity to use them and less to do outside in the summer heat. A few simple routines and maintenance can mean your outdoor area is clean, usable and a relaxing place to hang out.

Cleaning Your Flooring

With a build up of leaves and other plant materials (as well as dirt) in your outdoor area it is important to have a thorough clean of your outdoor concrete and paving. While you can give it a quick clean with a hose, it is better to use proper surface cleaners. However, many of these cleaners contain a few chemicals to remove stains so be careful when handling it.

It is also a great idea to invest in a pressure cleaner as this will really help remove any stains, dirt and mould from outside. While this may seem like a bit much for just your outdoor paving, it also saves a lot of water compared to an ordinary house. Also, it can be used to clean your car much quicker as well when you are not using to clean outside.

Keeping Your Patio Maintained

Keeping your patio, pergola or other covered outdoor area maintained throughout the year is very important both for looks as well as structural integrity. Depending on what kind of patio you have, you will want to make sure that exposure is not damaging it. Wooden structures will often fade and will need to be treated with decking oil or painted at regular intervals.

If you have a steel pergola installed than maintenance will be minimal. You should, however, keep an eye on things to make sure there is no rust or other problems. A new steel pergola will be protected by any rust problems. They will also be very sturdy against any adverse weather conditions that would affect less sturdy structures.

Making Your Garden Green

Keeping your outdoor area looking great will require at least a little bit of a green thumb. If you are not the gardening type then you should think about planting a low maintenance garden. Using plants that do not require much water a much easier to keep looking healthy (and alive!) and will also save you money on your water bill.

Preparing for Parties

You will also want to keep your barbecue and outdoor furniture clean and ready to use, particularly in summer time. Barbecues can get quite a lot of build up with constant use and you will want to use a proper cleaning solution with a wire brush to maintain it. You will also want to waterproof your outdoor furniture as it can wear and break due to constant exposure to the elements.

Then, once all of your outdoor areas are clean and looking good you can enjoy them with friends and family. Then you might also look at updating those undercover areas with a new patio or some different coloured pavers.

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