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How to Make an Undercover Children’s Play Area

If you have your own children or kids that visit your home regularly you are probably concerned about sun exposure especially during the summer months. Without pergolas or other cover children and adults alike are exposed to harmful ultra-violet rays when they are outside. While kids will need a little time in the sun for their vitamin D if they spend a lot of time outside you might want to consider installing an undercover children’s play area.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Area

The simplest way to upgrade your outdoor area to make a sun safe play spot is to install patios or something similar. While sun sails are a bit cheaper they are much more prone to weathering can often be torn down by strong winds if not installed properly. The first step in creating your children’s new play area is deciding on the right form of covering.

This is because there will be minimal construction work involved and if you start with the play equipment and installation of lawn or other surfaces they might be damaged. Plan everything and you will have a lot less headaches as you complete your project. So not only choose your covering you will use but decide on everything else you need before you begin construction. You should also seek quotes first so that you have a good idea what the entire project will cost including DIY solutions.

Choosing What Play Equipment

Play equipment can be hard to choose but as a rule of thumb you want it to be used for some time to come. Installing a cubby or play house of a good size means the kids can use it for some time. Also, larger play equipment that can be used by small children through to bigger kids (not Dad of course!) is ideal. The other option is to opt for non permanent play equipment to be used so that you can get rid of it as the children grow out of it.

A popular outdoor undercover play area solution these days is to have a play garden with tough plants as well as smaller benching and paths. This allows your children to use their imagination and their own toys to play outside rather than purpose built play equipment. Ask a nursery for advice on the most hardy plants to use that have soft leaves such as cordylines.

Hard or Soft Surfaces?

Having a hard surface can be useful for a children’s play area as it will be much easier to clean if there are spills. However, there is an increased chance that the little ones can hurt themselves on the concrete or pavers. Using rubber surface coverings can take away a lot of these concerns as the kids may graze themselves but not have any impact injuries because of hard surfaces. These are, however, a bit harder to maintain and won’t last as long as pavers.

Safety Concerns

As a parent you will have safety concerns about your outdoor play area. Remember, no matter how much you try to make it ‘child proof’ slip ups will occur. The trick is to avoid any serious injuries by avoiding sharp edged materials as well as spiky or serrated plant leaves. The best way to have a safe children’s play area is always supervision and education so make sure the kids play safe in their new sun safe undercover play area!

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