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Installing A Trellis

A trellis can provide a sensational addition to any veranda, regardless of the style you have and what kind of room you have available. If you are considering adding some to your existing layout however, it’s a good idea to sit down and consider where you want to install it before you start.

Trellis is extremely versatile, which makes it ideal for using with any kind of veranda. From the complicated designs to the simple ones, whatever you choose provides a way of softening the design of your veranda and introducing more greenery at the same time. It can also close off your space from prying eyes, should you want a little more privacy.

Begin by sketching out a rough plan of your veranda and mark out where you might want to include some trellis. There are several different types you could go for – if you have a large section of blank wall that you would like to liven up you could attach a single piece of trellis to it. On the other hand a trellis gateway to link your veranda with your garden can look sensational once you have flowers and climbing plants trailing all over it.

But perhaps the most stunning option is to build a low trellis wall right along the length of your veranda, which will help to create a divide between this area and the rest of the garden, while softening it by encouraging climbing plants to wend their way all over it. Over time it really can grow into a wonderful feature.

Once you have decided what you want to do you will need to buy the right amount and size of trellis you need, and get ready to fix it into place. The best bet is to mix up some concrete to ensure it has firm footings, but if you aren’t confident about doing this yourself it is best to get an expert in. The alternative is to use Metposts and hammer them into place, which is much easier and should withstand all but the fiercest of winds.

However you choose to insert them, once the trellis panels have been put in place and attached to one another you will need to make sure they are protected against the elements by using a reputable wood stain to waterproof them to a certain extent. It’s essential to do this before you get any climbing plants since once they are in place it is virtually impossible to paint your trellis; ivy and other plants will simply grow over it and take over.

While brand new trellis will look good in any garden, the eventual growth of the plants and shrubs around it will soften the look and help it to blend in more easily.

While you can build your own trellis by getting the right lengths of wood and attaching them to the lattice sections, it’s usually easier to buy it ready made and erect it yourself. Once you do, you will notice the huge difference it can make to your garden.

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