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Keeping Bugs Away

While you may enjoy sitting on your veranda or hosting parties during the summertime, bugs such as mosquitoes and flies, can ruin the party. Because verandas are open structures, it is very easy for bugs to attack. But there are ways to reduce the number of bugs that invade your veranda so that you can have a good time all summer long.

You can reduce the amount of bugs on your property by trying the following:

• Mow your lawn
• Remove all stagnant water
• Make use of bug repellent
• Buy special plants
• Use citronella candles


One of the easiest ways to keep bugs from invading your lawn is to keep it neat and trim, especially during warmer months. Bugs like to hide in areas that have a lot of brush and plant growth. Mowing your lawn can destroy nests, keep pollen seeking bugs from wasting their time on your property, and keep them from finding their way to your veranda.


Mosquitoes and other bugs thrive in moist environments. If you have buckets of water, your gutters are overflowing, or you have poor drainage problems, then you may see an increase in bug activity. Removing these water sources will help reduce the amount of bugs on your property.

If you have serious drainage issues, you may need to call a landscape company to dig new drainage systems.


If you are still experience problems with bugs when sitting on your veranda, you should spray around the area with a bug repellent. This can keep bugs away from the veranda and allow you to have a pleasant afternoon or evening.

Bug repellent is a temporary remedy for bugs. You will need to use it each time you want to enjoy the outdoors. You should also spray yourself with bug repellent made for the human use. This can also help reduce the amount of bugs you encounter.


Certain types of plants such as marigolds and herbs such as rosemary can help keep mosquitoes away. Other types of plants can help keep bees, flies, ants, and other insects away as well. Visit your local nursery to find out more information.


Burning citronella candles or buying a bug zapper are other ways to reduce your exposure to bugs when sitting on your veranda. While the smell can be overwhelming, these candles can help keep mosquitoes away for hours.

Unfortunately, when you want to enjoy nature when sitting on your veranda, you will be exposed to everything nature has to offer. Make the most of the situation by trying the above remedies and choosing days when bugs aren’t as bothersome.

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