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Maintaining Your Veranda

Maintaining your veranda so you can use it throughout the year for entertaining, or sitting by yourself with a good book, is very easy when you follow basic cleaning steps. Your veranda is an outdoor structure, so it is susceptible to dust, debris, and water spots mostly from rain and wind. You will need a broom, a few clean cloths, sponges, and a soap and water depending on the types of dirt you need to remove.

Because verandas are sound structures built onto your home, they remain sturdy for many years, even during heavy storms and other weather events. If there is a problem with the structure, you should contact the builder with your concerns.


Because most veranda are made from colourbond steel, you should not have to perform much maintenance beyond cleaning out the gutters and sweeping away dust that can collect on the inside.

Most verandas are coated with oil based paint, which helps protect the steel from corrosion. This type of paint is also very easy to clean. You can easily wipe away any spots, stains, or debris using a clean cloth or sponge.

Every few months, you should check the gutters for any trapped debris. Remove the debris by flushing it away using water or removing it by hand. This will ensure that rainwater can be safely removed from the rooftop.

Sweep the inside part of the roof with a broom to wipe away any dust or debris that has collected over time.


Wiping down tables, chairs, cushions, and other pieces of furniture is important especially if you keep these pieces outdoors for most of the year. If you decide to store them in the wintertime, you should wash each piece before placing them on the veranda to remove dust, cobwebs, and other items. Replace or repair cushions that are torn before use.

Always make sure plants you display on the veranda receive enough light and water. Plants that look unhealthy take away from the natural beauty of the veranda. Trim the leaves when possible and take plants indoors when the weather turns cold.

If you have small decorative items, you may want to remove these also when the weather turns so that they are not damaged or lost during windy months.

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