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Making The Most Of Your Back Garden

How good does your back garden look at the moment? Is it exactly how you would want it to be, or do you feel that it lets your property down a bit?

If it is the latter, don’t worry. You can do a lot to enhance your garden without making any huge changes to it. Transforming your garden can be very expensive if you tackle it on a large scale, but you can make a lot of changes on a much smaller scale to accommodate any size budget that you have.

For example, if you would like an outdoor entertaining area then you could invest some cash in building a veranda. Obviously a large one will cost more money, but a small sized one will be cheaper and it will really enhance your garden and add value to it and how you can use it.

If you do decide to add this kind of structure to your home, you will find that it becomes a good focal point in your garden. So before you have it built, try making a sketch of your garden – roughly to scale – and add the verandah so that you can see how it relates to the rest of your garden. This will enable you to decide on how to approach the rest of the space in a way that will really do it justice.

You should think about how you would like to use the garden as this will help you make the important decisions on how to approach the project. For example, are you likely to want to entertain a lot of visitors on a regular basis? Do you like having barbecues and enjoying long lazy summer evenings outside watching the sun go down? How about providing a nice space for the children to play in?

All of these questions will help you to make the right decisions about your garden and make it easier to plan it in the right way, no matter how big or small it might be. You should think about your priorities as well, as these will help you to decide how to approach the project.

For example, you might want to have lots of raised beds to fill with shrubs and flowers, but if you need to have a reasonably large patio area and a lawn for the children to play on as well, those beds may have to be scaled back somewhat. You could still use them more creatively as dividers between different areas though, which is why forward planning is such a great idea because it allows you to play around with the design before making any firm decisions.

You might want to think about sunny and shady areas as well, and how the sun moves past your property during the day and the evening. A verandah will provide a nice shady area to relax in even when it gets too hot though, so you certainly won’t regret having one added to your property.

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