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Making Your Outdoor Areas Multifunctional

An outdoor are is seen as a place to just hang out the washing or a giant kennel for the dog. However, your outdoor space can be so much more than it is now. You may not even use your outdoor space just because it is not so inviting. So what can you do to make simple, quick but lasting improvements to your outdoor areas?

A big clean-up is essential first as outside areas and backyards can become potential dumping grounds for unwanted items. If you have children you will know how many toys and other bits of discarded play things can make a backyard look like a garbage dump! The key to making a good backyard is to make it multi functional so that everyone in your home can enjoy it and this way they will also come to respect it and keep it tidy.

Are You Covered?

The first thing you need to look at is what kind of pergolas or patios are available for your home. This immediately gives you and extra area for your outdoor space that can be used even when it is raining. It will also act as shade for when it is very hot in summer so you can still stay outside.

A covered area will make your backyard multi-purpose as well because it will be easy to install an outdoor kitchen that you and your friends can enjoy. It also means you can use the space in winter (when it would otherwise be neglected) by having an outdoor heater handy. Think about any added covering outside in this multi-use way.

Think of the Children!

Just because you are upgrading and cleaning up your outdoor space does not mean the kids will miss out! Make sure you try and have a child friendly play area put in. If you do not do it immediately you can perhaps put in a grassed area with nice thick lawn. While pavers are much easier to manage they are not as good fro kids to play on and fall down!

Are You Hungry?

As mentioned earlier, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to put together an extra home in your backyard. If you live in a warm area you will be living and eating outside anyway so why not make it easy to do? Outdoor kitchens will usually incorporate a barbecue as well as a sink and a preparation area. You will want an area that you can keep clean and hygienic.

Get Fit and Active

You might put on a little bit of weight if you enjoy your outdoor kitchen too much so you want some options to burn some calories. Having a bit if exercise equipment outside near the garden makes it a pleasant place to stay fit and healthy. Remember, a patio or pergola will help keep this equipment dry so it is a good idea to look at where you will store it outside. You do not want to be dragging heavy exercise equipment in and out of the backyard.

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