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Modern Outdoor Design Tips

Modern Outdoor Design Tips

Designing and building your outdoor area is a lot of hard work, but it is also a lot of fun. Modern design is all about clean lines and functionality and modern construction techniques. Materials provide both of these to your outdoor space. As well as looking at plants, paving and lawns, it is a good idea to have some cover like pergolas that give you more options outside.

Less Is More

After adding some cover or an area you can close off to the elements, it is time to think about what to take away. Yes, that’s right, you should first take as much out of your backyard or outdoor space as you can. One thing that brings down a living space is clutter, so even if you can not throw things away try some other options like:

  • Increase your outside storage especially for gardening equipment.
  • Replace or incorporate your existing backyard features.
  • Don’t be afraid to rip up or throw away anything.

It may be hard at first but clearing out the backyard and even plants in your garden will give you a chance to start fresh. Think of your backyard or outdoor living space as a blank canvas. Because of this it is best to clear everything first and then plan what to replace it with.

Modern Building Materials

Modern building materials provide a great range of colours, textures and, most importantly for an outdoor area, durability. While concrete can be a bit boring, it is being used to great effect in terms of design when polished or you can use paint to brighten it up. While old wooden patios were once popular, steel and other materials make for a modern, more lasting option.

Here are some of the best new building materials you can find for your outdoor areas:

  • Colour coated steel products such as fences and roofing.
  • Spray on paving patterns that go over concrete.
  • Crushed coloured rocks that brighten boring garden beds.

If you are ever unsure, a good idea is to speak with a landscape designer or to get some ideas from photos of other outdoor designs. Remember, you can adapt the designs to suit your backyard and a few simple ideas go a long way.

Best Design Colours

Using simple tones for your backyard will work well in modern design techniques. You can also avoid specific colours by relying on natural tones from wood, stone or even concrete. The trick in modern design is to stick to one main colour throughout your outdoor space.

Deeper tones work best outside so anything pastel or softer should be avoided. Remember to use the colours to bring out any plants or to contrast with your outdoor furniture. The entire area should be tied together with colours.

Multi-Use Areas

Modern outdoor designs are all about multi-use for single spaces. You want to be able to convert a space for other uses, especially as the seasons change. Unfortunately, many outdoor areas are abandoned during winter, but with a bit of forethought you can have a multi-season multi-use modern outdoor area.

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