How Important Is Orientation When Designing The Veranda

Orientation is one of those subjects that it’s probably one of the most ignored things in buildings generally.

Is orientation just about facing the sun?

Orientation is much more than just where the Sun sets in the west. Often people will talk to us about a problem window here and a window that lets in light here, with little or no understanding of what really matters with orientation. It would take up to a day to go through this in detail.

We know how weather affects your home and your street

To give you an idea of how deep this could go; do you really know in your suburb where the prevailing weather comes from? There is every chance we have already worked on your street, and that we already know the answer to that question. But often is the case when we are sitting through a design interview with a client, we have to go through the obvious points of orientation.

What is the basic idea?

The idea with this, in a very general way, is to try and get some winter light into your home and try to take the summer heat out. That is probably the essence of it.  But the design team has got collectively more than 40 years in this sort of thing.

  • We workshop it regularly
  • We deal with problems in neighbourhoods
  • We deal with aggressive weather
  • We understand where the weather is a problem in your suburb
  • We can tell you where the cold weather paths come from
  • We can tell you where the horrible hot Sun is
  • We can bring your home to a better position to live in as a result of a veranda.

At the end of the day it is a recommendation of the company to have a design consultant come out, touch on those very important subjects, and make the best of what we came to do.

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Do I need to connect my veranda to storm water

Short answer, yes.

Some exceptions

There are few exceptions to needing to connect your veranda to storm water drains. And one of those exceptions would be the pergola. A typical veranda is covered, by definition if it has a roof cover it is collecting rainwater. A pergola is an open frame, and therefore an exception because rainwater is not collected.

Council Requirements

The requirements of just about all councils right across Australia is that if a roof collects storm water, it needs to be diverted to storm drains.

Can I use a storage tank?

Sometimes we will get clients ask us questions like, ‘can we collect the water off the roof and put it into a rain water storage tank?’ That is a very very good option and a win-win situation. Why wouldn’t you use for water that you get off your roof for free? But even then, the requirement is that the overflow of that tank be connected to storm water.

Let us deal with it.

We will come out and have a chat with you, so we can go through that issue very solidly. We take into consideration how much water is falling on your existing roof.

  • Do we divert that to your existing storm water?
  • Do we collect water into one down pipe?
  • Do we divide it amongst 2 or 3?

We will get that bit right. So leave it to Install A veranda, we will get that storm water issue fixed.

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Keep Insects & Pests Away from Outdoor Dining & Entertainment

There’s no better place to celebrate summer evenings than out on the patio, but if you don’t take steps to bug-proof your outdoor area, your BBQ or dinner party could receive some uninvited guests. Try this combination of natural and man-made deterrents to keep your food fresh and your guests free from bites.

shutterstock_283847399Natural repellents

Flowers have more uses than just making your home look pretty. Species such as marigolds can also keep mosquitoes and other biting insects out of your garden, as can herbs including chives, garlic, lemongrass, mint and rosemary.

Candles and oils

Smoke from candles and torches is usually enough to repel biting insects, but you can add to the punch by lighting citrus and citronella candles, which have the added bonus of a pleasant fragrance. You could also achieve success with essential oils, spraying citronella, eucalyptus and lavender oils from a spray bottle or potent anise oil diluted in water.

Mosquito nets

Don’t look at mosquito nets as an annoying concession to pests, but as an opportunity to add to the ambience and intimacy of your outdoor retreat.

Cover it up

Just in case a few pests slip through your defences, the most effective way to keep flies and other bugs off your food at a buffet is to cover it up. You can invest in mesh food covers or improvise with upside-down colanders and whatever else you find in your cabinets.

Mow the lawn

If you needed more reasons to keep up with your regular lawn maintenance, shorter grass means your garden will harbour fewer resident bugs all year round.

Get a free patio consultation today

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Alfresco and Outdoor Dining Ideas

 With the days getting longer and the temperature getting warmer, taking your meals out of the dining room into the open air is one of the best ways to make the most of the summer.

Whether you’re dining out on the verandah, by the poolside or down at the bottom of the garden, here are some ideas for creating al fresco dining areas to suit every mood and occasion.

Relaxed beachside vibe

If your backyard is a place to unwind and get away from it all, you can set the right care-free atmosphere by avoiding matching furniture sets and instead mixing a variety of styles, materials and textures. Natural materials such as wicker, wood and stone will help you to leave the modern world behind.

Sophisticated outdoor diningshutterstock_236884105

Dining outdoors doesn’t have to be informal though, and you won’t have to sacrifice style and sophistication when you set up a dining table and enough place settings for family and friends under the shade of a covered pergola. Even in the shade, it’s still a good idea to choose durable outdoor furniture that will stand up to the elements, made from moisture-resistant materials such as steel, aluminium or treated timber.

Garden oasis

If you’re looking for excuses to spend more time in the garden, setting up a temporary or permanent dining area away from the house in a gazebo or other covered structure is a great way to extend your outdoor living space and escape to nature. Make sure you have a safe and easy route from your dining area back to the kitchen by installing paving and lighting.

Front porch dining

If your front porch or verandah is far enough from the street, it can make the perfect setting for a cosy dinner for two or waking up with breakfast and coffee, especially in the country.

Vibrant party space

Any outdoor space can be turned into a buzzing social hub with a few splashes of colour, lights, music and enough seating for all of your guests. If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying extra furniture, large cushions and bean bags scattered across the deck set a fun and informal atmosphere.

Rustic fireside dining

To create an outdoor dining area for all seasons, just add fire. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, you could install a fireplace in your pergola or go with the more economical option of a raised concrete and glass firepit that doubles up as a coffee table when not in use.

Outdoor bar

If you’re serious about entertaining al fresco, an outdoor bar will show you mean business. Shaded under a verandah roof, you can bring out your drinks cabinet and improvise counters and buffet tables from spare furniture and crates.

Transform your outdoor space today

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Decorating your Outdoor Pergola

Pergola’s are a natural addition to a home and are a functional way to enhance living space. Often, outdoor spaces are left barren or are given little to no attention because they aren’t utilized as frequently as indoor living areas.  However, any part of your home should reflect a sense of care and all areas should naturally flow into one another.

Decorating your outdoor area is a great way to ensure that your home has unified effect and is livable throughout.

To maximise the aesthetical appeal of your patio, consider using these simple additions when decorating:


Image via Baran Studio


Adding plants toy our outdoor space will instantly brighten up the area.

For easy upkeep, consider putting low maintenance potted plants such as succulents, pines, ivy’s and ferns.

However, for those looking to permanently commit to a garden, aim for a number of different plants that will flourish in different seasons in order to have a blooming outdoor area all year round.

Furniture & Decor

To turn your pergola into an area where you can entertain and relax in, invest in an outdoor furniture set that’s weather-proof so you can use it throughout the year.

Additionally, you can add personal touches by adding things such as outdoor lights, your favourite decorative pieces and outdoor artwork such as small sculptures or a centre piece for your table.

The Extra Mile

If you want to go the extra mile and turn your outdoor area into a regular living area, consider adding in homely additions such as a suspended hammock, a built in outdoor lounge, a day bed or egg chairs. You can even bring the indoor feel outdoor by adding throw blankets and pillows in the shaded areas.

By adding these pieces, you can utilise your pergola as a place where you can spend your recreational down time by yourself or in the company of friends and family.

Whether you’re looking to build a pergola or have an existing one, these outdoor decorating ideas are some of the ways in which you can spruce up an area that is otherwise left bare. An outdoor space worth looking at is an area worth spending time in.

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