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Planning the Perfect summer Pool Party for the kids

In the long, hot months of summer and school holidays, kids love pools. They love swimming through the hot days and drying out on the patio with an ice block. Whether there is a birthday or you are just looking for ways to entertain the kids, summer is always a great time to have a pool party.

If you are planning on hosting a pool party for your kids, then be sure to read these tips, so that everyone can have a safe and happy time.

Gates and Fencing

Every Aussie knows that if there is a pool in the yard then it must be surrounded by a regulation fence. This is an important factor in keeping our children safe around pools. Check to see that your fence is well maintained and that the lock on the gate is working.

Slippery surfaces

Pool areas might be surrounded by wooden decking or tiled patio, so t is always good to check that these surfaces do not become slippery when covered in water. Do a test patch to make sure the surface is either porous enough to absorb the water or sealed with a sand varnish to prevent slippage.

Pool rules

When there’s a few kids around, things can get a bit rowdy. Make sure you explain to the kids what the rules are for safe play. No running, no pushing or shoving. Ensure no dunking or dive bombing or eating in the water.

What to bring

Ask child to bring along a towel, sunscreen and hat. You don’t want anyone going home sunburned or over heated. If a child is sensitive to pool chemicals then tell them to bring goggles. It’s also a good idea to have the children bring any pool toys or equipment they might have. This saves you from having buy to them.


As much as kids love spending time in the sun, it’s a good idea to provide ample shade for the kids. When they’re not in the pool, they might want to sit under a tree or umbrella to dry off, especially in the middle of the day.


Even though kids can usually entertain themselves without your help, it is always handy to have a few games to play. You could provide a blindfold so they can play Marco Polo, where the blindfolded player calls out ‘Marco’ and the rest of the group calls out ‘Polo’ and the blindfolded player must tag someone. Hot Potato is a fun game, where the kids must pass around a water balloon full of water, with a small hole. The one who has it when it is finally empty is out. You could also provide pool ponies, bananas, noodles, inflatable balls, throwing rings and squirt toys.


To prevent too much mess, keep the food away from the pool area. Place it on a table inside the house, just near the door (to prevent drips on the floor) or outside of the designated pool area on the verandah or patio. Supply light food such as sandwiches and crisps. Offer plenty of fresh fruit like cold watermelon, grapes and pineapple. Make sure you have plenty of water available at all times. A nice way to cool down is to hand around ice blocks or ice creams.

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