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Simple Ways to Make Your Backyard Better This Summer

Summer's almost here, but if your backyard isn't ready for garden parties and BBQs, you don't need to panic – try out these simple ideas to enhance your outdoor space without breaking the bank.

  1. Pretty and practical plants

The right plants can really make or break a backyard, but you should consider more than just aesthetics when choosing flowers, trees and other plants that won't require too much maintenance and serve practical functions too.

Lemon grass is a natural mosquito repellent that's quick and easy to grow on a windowsill before transplanting it into your garden. If you have any cracked paving, uneven ground or unsightly views in your yard, conveniently placed flower beds and privacy bushes can save you the expense of landscaping.

  1. Creative lighting

Outdoor lighting improves safety and security, creates ambience, allows outdoor events to last into the night and helps to highlight your garden's best assets. Well-chosen lighting can be a feature in itself, from tiki torches keeping bugs at bay to spotlights embedded in pavers and rope lighting following the contours of curved paths and decks.

You won't have to worry about your electricity bills when you set automated timers and choose low wattage bulbs or solar lights that run all night long.

  1. Pimp your fence

A fence is essential for privacy and security, but it also plays a role in establishing your garden's theme, from the rustic look of wood panels to elegant brick pillars and arched gates.

Fencing also provides valuable vertical space for plants, whether you're growing vines or hanging pots, beds and even vases. Fitting mirrors to your fence can make small gardens instantly look and feel bigger.shutterstock_201010265

  1. DIY splash pads

If you don't have the budget for a pool, splash pads are a more affordable alternative that still provide lots of splashing fun for kids of all ages without the safety hazards of deep water.

You can make your own temporary splash pad with nothing more than a clean tarp, a garden sprinkler and weights to keep it in place.

  1. Decks and patios

Installing a deck, patio or other hardscaping in your backyard is a long-term investment that will pay off in reduced lawn maintenance, as well as making sure you'll always have a safe and comfortable environment for dining, entertaining and relaxing outdoors.

With materials to suit every budget and decorative designs for all tastes, you won't have trouble finding an attractive and functional patio for your home.

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