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Simpler Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Your home is not just a place to live but an investment lined with the equity you might need to upgrade or even retire. So it pays to do some renovations but if you are on a budget the consider some more budget ways of improving your home. One way is adding pergolas or perhaps just updating patios to give your home extra space to enjoy.

These types of investment add property value to your home as well as personal value as you and your family can enjoy them. Remember, if it ever comes time to sell, adding things you enjoy means that potential buyers will see the value there as well. It is also not just about adding to your home but maintaining what you already have.

Improving Your Outdoor Area

Improving your outdoor area is a really simple way of increasing your house value. If you are looking to sell people look for an established garden as well as a good outdoor area ready to entertain guests in. If you do the work and create a well maintained garden then this will add some value to your home instantly.

It is a good idea (if you don’t have a green thumb) to use easy to maintain plants that will look good all year round. It is no good having annuals that you have to replace every year unless they are used to complement other plants. You might also want to install a watering system even under your patio so that you can more easily water your plants.

Bringing the Outside In

Opening up the back of your home onto your outdoor area can create a great sense of space without a huge cost. Consider installing sliding doors or even trendy bi-folds so you can walk straight out onto your decking or have your house expanded when you are entertaining. It is also helpful to create views from your windows using planter boxes and well positioned larger plants in the garden.

This will not only add value to your house but make it a more pleasant place to live in. You might also want to make a little herb garden in your kitchen to provide fresh ingredients as well. Remember not to keep the outside out if you can incorporate it more into your home.

A Lick of Paint

Never forget that a simple coat of paint can work wonders for your home and freshen up the most drab house. This is also applicable for flooring, tiling and any cornices and edging you have in the house. If they look boring to you take the opportunity to brighten your house up as well as introduce a complete colour scheme for your home.

It’s the Little Things that Count

The most important point to remember is that it is the little details that count the most. Make sure your doors match the house and even new taps can brighten up a home. If you notice any slight damage to a wall then fix it, especially if you are looking at improving the house so you can sell it.

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