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The Right Paint Color For Rooms In Your Home

While many people choose one color for their entire home, some are more adventurous and want to include different colors. When choosing paint colors, you should be aware of the following in order to avoid mistakes:

• Size of the room
• Type of paint – flat, semi-gloss, latex
• Amount of sunlight that enters each room
• Who will be using the room

These factors play an important role in choosing paint colors that will enhance the look of your home and create a warm atmosphere.

Painting Small Rooms and Large Rooms

The size of the rooms in your home is important when choosing paint colors because you don’t want to make a small room seem even smaller. Darker colors have a tendency to do this, so choose lighter colors when painting a smaller room.

You have a few more options when painting larger rooms. You can use a darker color, create an accent wall by painting one wall of the room a different color from the rest, you can create textured patterns, or you can add chair rails and paint the walls two different colors.

Choosing the Right Paint Type

The right paint type matters when cleaning, waterproofing a room, and when trying to create the illusion of more space. Flat paint is often used in garages, closets, and other rooms that are not used as often. This is because it is difficult to clean and leaves a room feeling incomplete. Flat paint is the least expensive paint, so if you have to use it, find lighter colors and add a few extra coats to create more depth in the room.

Semi-gloss paint is typically used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms in the home because is it very easy to clean and has a shine to it. This paint is perfect for smaller rooms because it allows light to bounce off the walls creating a larger room.

Latex paint is used mainly for outdoor patios, porch railings, and shutters. It is able to resist water and can be cleaned easily. This type of paint does peel over time and it not recommended for indoor use.

Let the Sunshine in

If you have a room that does not receive a lot of sunlight because of a tree or roof overhang, painting the room a dark color will only make it seem darker inside. Paint the room a light color and the room will seem brighter.

Kids, Guests, and Others

Who will be using the rooms is an important question to ask before you begin painting. Kid’s rooms should reflect their personality, while guest rooms should be cozy and simple. When deciding how to use the rooms in your home, buy the right paint and accessories so those who will be using the room will feel comfortable at all times.

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