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Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

Looking after your roof isn't just important for extending the life of the roof itself, but also for keeping your house safe from pests, fire and moisture hazards.

Here are some of the key maintenance activities you should be doing to keep your roof in good condition for as long as possible.












Clear away leaves and debris

Leaves, litter, dead birds and other objects can get trapped between roof shingles and structures. If these are not removed, they can trap moisture, promote mould and weed growth, and make your home more vulnerable to fire – especially if you live in an area that's prone to bushfires.

You should be able to remove this debris using tools such as leaf blowers, rakes or soft brushes. If you need to apply water, use a regular garden hose rather than a pressure washer, as these can cause damage to the roof.

Trim overhanging branches

If the leaves that accumulate on your house or patio roof are due to overhanging branches, cutting these branches back will make roof maintenance a lot easier. This also prevents nearby branches from hitting your roof in strong winds, and keeps small animals and birds from gaining easy access.

Clean your gutters

It's not just the roof itself that needs to be kept in good condition – leaves and other debris clogging your gutters can corrode adjacent roof materials and spread moisture and mould. Gutters and downpipes can be cleaned using a garden hose, and installing protection systems such as gutter guards will prevent larger objects from getting into your drainage system.

Check for damage after storms

You should routinely check your roof for signs of damage after strong winds and storms, as any damage caused needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible before it becomes more serious and expensive to repair.

Only check the roof after the storm has passed and the roof has had a chance to dry, looking for loose or missing shingles and damaged flashing around vents and openings. If you can see your roof from ground level, inspecting with binoculars is more convenient than climbing a ladder.

Replace your old roof

If you have an old or unsuitable roof that needs frequent repairs, replacing it could be the more economical option, not to mention less annoying. A new roof can be expensive, but it's also a long-term investment in your home, as long as you buy a quality roofing product made from durable materials and designed for your climate.

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