How to Clean & Maintain Your Patio

Patios may be low-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from a spot of cleaning and tender loving care every now and again.

Whether you have a wooden deck or concrete or stone patio, treating it to a thorough scrub-down once a year and regular resealing will keep your outdoor area looking good as new for longer.

  1. De-cluttering

When you’re removing furniture, decor and other objects from your patio area prior to cleaning, take the opportunity to evaluate whether each item really needs to be there, or if you could get some of your outdoor living space back for dining and entertaining.

  1. Dry sweeping

Leaves, dirt and other non-sticky debris are much easier to remove when the surface is dry, so sweeping the area thoroughly first could save you time and effort later. Brushing can also break up existing weeds and prevent seeds from germinating.

  1. Wet scrubbing

Hose down the patio area, taking care to protect or avoid nearby plants, then get to work scrubbing down the entire surface using a mop and a simple cleaning solution made of dish washing soap and water, switching to a stiff bristle brush for stains.

For stubborn stains you can apply a solution of oxygen bleach and water, while a degreasing agent should remove marks left by a BBQ. After cleaning, allow the solutions to work for up to 10 minutes before carefully rinsing the surface clean.

  1. Pressure washingshutterstock_197159624

If you own a pressure washer, this can save you significant time as well as offer your patio a deeper clean. After the initial rinse with a garden hose, move the pressure washer over the surface slowly to remove dirt, grime and stains, taking care to avoid plants, sand and mortar joints. You should check that the level of pressure you are using will not damage your patio surface.

  1. Sealing

Concrete and stone patios are usually sealed at the time of installation to prevent water, oil and other moisture penetrating the surface, but this seal doesn’t last forever. As a rough guide, patios should be resealed at least every three years to prevent erosion and mould, algae and weed growth, and you should make sure the sealer you buy is safe for use with your patio material.

If you have a wooden deck, the wood will need to be restained regularly to prevent water damage. To check whether your deck needs to be restained, sprinkle water on the surface and observe whether it is absorbed by the wood or pools on the surface.

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Decorating your Outdoor Pergola

Pergola’s are a natural addition to a home and are a functional way to enhance living space. Often, outdoor spaces are left barren or are given little to no attention because they aren’t utilized as frequently as indoor living areas.  However, any part of your home should reflect a sense of care and all areas should naturally flow into one another.

Decorating your outdoor area is a great way to ensure that your home has unified effect and is livable throughout.

To maximise the aesthetical appeal of your patio, consider using these simple additions when decorating:


Image via Baran Studio


Adding plants toy our outdoor space will instantly brighten up the area.

For easy upkeep, consider putting low maintenance potted plants such as succulents, pines, ivy’s and ferns.

However, for those looking to permanently commit to a garden, aim for a number of different plants that will flourish in different seasons in order to have a blooming outdoor area all year round.

Furniture & Decor

To turn your pergola into an area where you can entertain and relax in, invest in an outdoor furniture set that’s weather-proof so you can use it throughout the year.

Additionally, you can add personal touches by adding things such as outdoor lights, your favourite decorative pieces and outdoor artwork such as small sculptures or a centre piece for your table.

The Extra Mile

If you want to go the extra mile and turn your outdoor area into a regular living area, consider adding in homely additions such as a suspended hammock, a built in outdoor lounge, a day bed or egg chairs. You can even bring the indoor feel outdoor by adding throw blankets and pillows in the shaded areas.

By adding these pieces, you can utilise your pergola as a place where you can spend your recreational down time by yourself or in the company of friends and family.

Whether you’re looking to build a pergola or have an existing one, these outdoor decorating ideas are some of the ways in which you can spruce up an area that is otherwise left bare. An outdoor space worth looking at is an area worth spending time in.

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An Outdoor Christmas Affair

If you love entertaining or hosting festive Christmas parties for your friends and family, building an outdoor entertaining area is a perfect way to set the mood for this year’s holiday season.

A patio extension not only creates a vibrant and open ambience, it also produces a relaxed party vibe.

Whether you have a limited or flexible amount of space available in your backyard, a veranda can enhance any living area by adding dimension to your current home.

Ideal for hosting either large or intimate gatherings, the many perks of having an outdoor extension is that its layout can be readily configured to your needs or liking.

Image via Sprouted Kitchen

Limited Backyard Space

For homes with a tight outdoor space, a veranda can be used as an area to lay out a buffet style Christmas feast whilst guests relax and enjoy downtime in an allocated indoor living area.

Alternatively, you can use the space as an after meals lounging area where you can host gift exchanges and Christmas activities while light refreshments and deserts are served.

Naturally, patios and decks fit well together, so consider adding timber decking to enhance to the appeal of your outdoor space.

Expansive Backyard Space

Larger outdoor areas are ideal for hosting big gatherings and are a perfect way to keep all your guests in one part of your home.

Homes with a larger backyard are able to utilise their outdoor section as both an eating and lounging area for guests, with the ability to double as a games area for kids.

Decorating Outdoor

Decorating your veranda ultimately comes down to personal style and taste. This Christmas, aim to include novelty style pieces and bright twinkling lights to create a festive ambience.

Additionally, you can allocate a small corner for an outdoor Christmas tree or decorate existing plants with ornaments, stockings and wreaths.

For your table setting, incorporate festive coloured table covers or runners and small decorative pieces such as pine cones, potted succulents and candles for added

Best of all, you can do it all over again for the upcoming New Year!

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DIY Pergola Design Ideas for Christmas

Whether you’re a handyman or simply a creative looking for your next DIY project, extending your backyard by building a patio is a great project you can tackle in time for Christmas.

There are a number of outdoor patio ideas you can consider depending on your style, budget and resources. Firstly, you might want to sit down and plan a rough project strategy that outlines things such as your timeline, expected expenses, structural measurements, project limitations and contingencies.

Once you have a solid game plan, choosing a design that will fit the bones and elements of your home is maybe where you can expect to hit a wall. Not only does the design have to pass an approval phase, it must also be in line with the project plan you have set out.

To give you a backyard you can enjoy and appreciate, we’ve compiled a list of patio designs that are simple enough to DIY and practical enough to host your Christmas or New Year parties in.

Image via Design Rulz

The Summer Space

For those with a simpler design in mind, this particular structure is still design savvy but more DIY friendly. A deck with a four post construction and cleverly placed panels or fitted outdoor blinds can look like more than it actually is.

To further customise the look of your patio, consider looking at some outdoor decking ideas and hone in on a particular design you think will add to the overall aesthetic of your project.

This design is ideal for any home with a decent amount of outdoor space and for DIY builders with a less extravagant budget. Best of all, you can configure it easily to fit the measurements and style of your home.

The Zenden

For a low maintenance, garden friendly design concept, a pre-constructed steel patio you can easily erect in an allocated backyard area or attach as part of your main home, is a DIY builder’s quick fix.

Perfect for those looking to add a basic outdoor living area, this design can easily be assembled, and can grow as a blended part of your garden throughout the years.

Image via Design Rulz

The Creative

Finally, for blokes with a little more time, space and budget, a curved detached pergola with decking is something that will satisfy both your design and functionality needs.

Although it might be a little trickier to build, if your vision, budget and resources are in line, the project will be a great pay off once it’s completed.

This particular design is suitable for homes that want to incorporate a modern twist.
Whether you want to use more of your home, or are after a space where you can host outdoor gatherings, a DIY patio is a perfect way to make your home more livable.

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The Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

As the Australian summer quickly approaches, welcoming perfect summer nights should always begin with an outdoor dinner party. Wining and dining your nearest and dearest in your very own space is an occasion that always generates the best of times. To ensure that your outdoor dinner party goes accordingly, take these following factors in consideration:

Image via Pinterest


Hosting an outdoor party can leave you with weather doubts. To avoid any disruptions, ensure that:

  •  Your chosen night is declared clear of extreme heat, rain or high speed winds
  • You take pre-cautions in case there are last minute weather changes (ensure your veranda, patio or outdoor setting is equipped with weatherproof covers)
  • Have a back-up plan; have an indoor space available if a move is necessary

Food and Beverages

Summer nights always calls for refreshing dishes and drinks.

Food wise, aim for light meals such as fresh healthy salads, chilled soups as well as a variety of fruit and cold cut meat platters.

For drinks, aim to please your crowd by providing their favourite beers, wines and spirits pre-chilled. To cater for all guest preferences, make sure there are homemade non-alcoholic cocktails and lemon infused water available.

To please your guests further, set-up a small corner dedicated to light deserts such as mini pavlovas, an assortment of airy cakes and desert cheeses.


The simplest touch can make a world of difference. Aim for a consistent theme throughout and apply added personalised details such as hanging Polaroid photos of your guests, your favourite flowers or a welcome message on a chalk board. Remember that simplicity is the key and a little definitely goes a long way.


In order to set the perfect summer mood, compile a playlist of upbeat, feel-good music that will get your outdoor party started and flowing into the night. Alternatively, a mix of soft instrumental, soulful music can serve as the perfect background for a mellow and relaxed night.


Lastly, as the host, don’t get too caught up in running around – be sure to have fun! A gathering is all about creating memories, enjoying good company and celebrating life. Work hard, play hard.

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