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Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for 2012

One of the biggest trends in landscaping ideas for 2012 is the move towards local, sustainable and environmentally friendly options. The main push behind this has been predominantly financial constraints, though concern for the environment is also clearly shown via this year’s main design features. Consider the following for your home.

Integrate indoor and outdoor areas

This year will see more indoor/outdoor integration, with retractable coverings and sliding doors helping to remove the barriers between the interior and exterior zones. In good weather and with the right outdoor furniture, a reintegration could totally transform your home. So think about whether a pergola or patios may be just the thing to bridge the gap between your home’s indoor and outdoor areas.

Natural elements

Water, earth, rock and wood are all still popular landscaping ideas, and when used the right way can have your home looking like a natural yet modern paradise.


Plants that are natural to your area will grow better, require less maintenance and be better suited to the conditions. As more people have looked to get away from using chemicals in their yards and gardens, using local plants has grown in popularity, as local plants are naturally designed to suit the local environment, making chemicals unnecessary.


It’s all about birdhouses in 2012; the latest trend is to have a fancy home for your local birds somewhere in your yard. The more elaborate and crazy your birdhouse, the better.

Rooftop gardens

Perhaps it’s due to rising food prices, or perhaps its just plain creativity, but people have begun utilising more of their potential growing space by creating gardens on their rooftops. This fantastic idea has taken off in some communities, as for many people, their roofs are the only available space they have.


Trees and shrubs of the narrow variety are popular in 2012 landscaping as people living in small places look to get the most out of their home and garden’s potential.


Using edible items in your landscaping is a huge hit right now, with gardeners turning to hearty crops that will also help save them money on their food bills. Whether it’s planting a fruit tree, a berry bush or a pot of basil, landscaping that you can eat is all the rage.

Slight adjustments

With the world economy still a little bit shaky, landscaping projects have been downsized from complete revamps to the slight adjustments; often, this is all your place needs anyway.

Meditation gardens

As the world just keeps getting crazier, more people are turning to meditation as a way to get their stress levels under control, and there is no better place to relax and chill than in the garden. 2012 landscaping will feature more than a few ideas for creating your own little garden meditation spot.

The nook

2012 landscaping designs will feature lots of nooks and hidden areas, creating perfect spots to escape with your book for a few hours, or to go with a love interest and talk. Having a couple of well hidden nooks can make gardens far more interesting, so see if there is room for a special little space somewhere in your design.

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