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Top 3 Outdoor Area Styles for Summer

Styles come and go but here are 3 of the top styles for your outdoor area that will give you a fantastic entertaining area. While standard features such as pergolas will have a wide range of colours and styles you will also want to think about an overall theme for the backyard. Sometimes, wooden patios can fit in better with your backyard if you are after a more ‘natural’ look with nice wood colours or something that will match some wooden decking.

The three different styles we look at have a lot of options you can play around with to suit your needs, these include:

  • Sleek and modern – a stylish design that is becoming more and more common as it is easy to maintain as well as looking good.
  • Rustic and Old Fashioned – more earthy colours will give your home a traditional look featuring wooden decking and a patio and perhaps more roughly hewn edging for the garden.
  • Aussie Backyard – a drought proof garden is a great idea to save money on water and also to have your garden looking fresher all year round.

Sleek and Modern

A sleek and modern backyard incorporates smooth lines as well as easy to maintain plants. To top off this kind of backyard you will want to build a nice steel pergola with a colour to match the rest of your backyard. You can use fantastic natural pacing such as sandstone that is quite neutral or you could even get really modern and try some polished concrete.

Most modern gardens look great with bromeliads or even some other hard leaf varieties. As a rule of green thumb you should choose soft edged but tough leafed varieties as these are usually much hardier then other varieties. Softer leaved plants will usually require more water and also need more regular maintenance.

Rustic and Old Fashioned

Having a classic rustic garden can be easy by using the right materials as well as the right outdoor furniture and plants. Lawns are great for this type of garden as well as wooden patios that have a more natural colouring. Try to track down some nice metal benches with pretty designs to make your garden a nice place to sit and think.

Another great idea is to have painted stones or even patterned pavers to give that beautiful traditional look. You will want to have some traditional garden varieties and even some hardy lavender to give your backyard a beautiful smell. Wicker outdoor furniture can also look good and keeps with the ‘old fashioned’ feel of this style of backyard.

The Great Aussie Backyard Garden

Making an ‘Aussie’ style of backyard is easy if you use natural products and lots of native plant varieties. Because of the modern nature of Australian natives a steel pergola will look great and provide some great entertaining space. Using hardy Australian plant varieties means you will have longer lasting flowers (with varieties such as bottle brush) as well as a much reduced water bill.

Whatever style you choose make sure it suits your personality and lifestyle.

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