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Top 4 Outdoor Activities in Summer

We all love when summer finally rolls around after suffering the winter chills. So what are the best ways to enjoy the warm weather and the longer days? Australia is a hot country and so it is always best to be aware of the heat, but we still love to get outside.

The thing about summer is that you would think we would all be less active due to the heat. While lounging around under patios and pergolas is highly recommended, there are some other activities Australians enjoy:

  • Enjoying the backyard – The backyard is the most important part of the house for an Australian family.
  • Getting  some rays – We are all so much more careful now with sun exposure but it is still good to get some morning and afternoon sunshine.
  • Swimming – Swimming is naturally included as the best way to have fun, be active but cool at the same time. 
  • Picnic – A picnic can often be combined with a day at the beach or pool and you and the kids will be hungry after all that running around in    the sun!

1) Relaxing in the Backyard

The great Australian backyard may be shrinking but we still love to be outside our homes in summer. Outdoor areas are also perfect for entertaining and having that well deserved barbecue. Australians will still go outside even without a backyard and you will see lots of people enjoying a BBQ on their balconies in blocks of flats.

2) Soaking Up the Sun

While you need to put on some sunscreen to protect you and your family you will still want to enjoy the wonderful sunshine. Going outside in summer will mean exposure to the sun so that can usually be enough to get a good dose of vitamin D. Be sure to use your pergola or patio to let your skin cool down and to avoid any sunburn.

3) Swimming in the Pool or Beach

Swimming is more than just a sport in Australia, it is a national pastime enjoyed by one and all. Getting into your bikini or board shorts is reserved for summer and it can be hard to find a spot at the more popular beaches. A lucky few will have their very own swimming pool so they can enjoy their backyard and stay cool in the water,.

4) Going for a Picnic in the Park

A picnic in the park is the perfect solution for those of you who want to head outdoors but don’t have a big backyard. The beauty of Australian parklands really comes out in summer time with most offering large trees for shade as well as nice grass areas to roll out a blanket. Try out a park near you or find a park near a beach if you want to have a nice dip in the ocean as well.

Whatever your favourite activities are in the Australian summer be sure to wear sunscreen. The Australian sun is fun but can cause sunburn very quickly if you aren’t careful. Also be careful heading out swimming and be careful to try to swim on life saver patrolled beaches.

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