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Transform Your Backyard into an Entertaining Area

A backyard adds such a useful and versatile element to any home, but a startling amount of Australians fail to utilise it to its full potential. A common misconception is that to properly landscape or structure a backyard you need to outlay a large amount of money, but there are several affordable options for creating a beautiful entertaining area in your backyard. What’s more, any funds you do inject into your backyard will see major returns in terms of your property value. Verandas, pergolas and even versatile shade cloths can all create dynamic and useful entertaining areas and in terms of aesthetics, you’re limited only by your imagination.


A pergola is a popular option when it comes to creating shade and shelter for an all-weather entertaining area. Depending on the size of the pergola you want to install, these can be very cost effective, and you can select colours that blend with the aesthetics of your home. You can opt for a solid tin or aluminium roof, a sunroof or a combination of both to let in light and also provide plenty of shade.

Shade Cloths and Canopies

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a solid structure for your entertaining area, or you want the option to move your shade around the yard, why not think about a shade cloth or canopy? While this option is not quite as all-encompassing as a pergola or veranda, it will create plenty of shade for those Saturday afternoon barbecues, not to mention a safe place for the kids to play when you’re not entertaining.


There’s something about a wide, solid veranda that makes people feel instantly relaxed and at home. In terms of entertaining, a veranda not only adds comfort and space but can change the entire look of a home. On of the best aspects of installing a veranda as an entertaining area is that it stylistically blends the home and entertaining area as one, which in terms of a value-add for your property is great news indeed. Verandas can also be used to enhance views and outlooks from homes, making entertaining underneath one all the more picturesque.

If you’re considering utilising your backyard space for something more enjoyable and profitable than just a space for the kids to run around in, considering the installation of a quality entertaining area might be the answer. Our beautiful Australian climate, combined with a love of outdoor entertaining makes the option of an outside entertaining area all the more beneficial, both in terms of your family’s immediate enjoyment, and in terms of return on your investment when the time comes to sell.

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