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Using Warm Colours to Improve Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

The colours that you use in decorating an area can go a long way to establishing the mood, so when coming up with colours for your outdoor entertainment area, make sure that your colours are as warm as they are welcoming. The following takes a brief look at some of the best ways to use colours to improve your outdoor area.


Whether you use candles, flaming torches or lamp lighting, the way you light your outdoor area provides you with a fantastic excuse to introduce a few warm colours and make the most of the light. Cellophane filters or even simple lamp shades can provide any colour lighting you desire, so make the most of your lighting and use red and orange tones to help create a warm atmosphere for your outdoor entertainment area.


There is no fresher way to introduce a burst of warmth and colour into your outdoor area than with some beautiful flowers. Whether you grow them in your garden or pick up a fresh cut bouquet for the table in your outdoor entertaining area, flowers can provide a subtle yet striking way to create a feeling of warmth in your garden and outdoor entertaining areas.

Paving stones

A fabulous and practical way to introduce a boost of colour to your outdoor area is by paving an outdoor patios with stones of the warmest reds and oranges. In the bright sunshine of the summer your pavers will positively shine, and in the winter your patios will maintain a soft glow and sense of warmth.


There is no more powerful way to provide a boost of colour and warmth to your outdoor areas than by bringing in some vibrant and colourful art. Whether it is a large sculpture or a series of pottery pieces, art can be a fantastic way to introduce some warmth and colour into your outdoor areas.


If you have an outdoor table, you have a wonderful opportunity to add some colour via the tablecloths, so make sure you make the most of this opportunity to add a little warmth and colour. Having a decent collection of tablecloths will make it so you can subtly orchestrate the mood of your outdoor areas.


Whether you have banana chairs or just regular ones, the cushions on your outdoor seating are a clever way to bring some colour into the picture. The cushions themselves will help add a comfortable and welcoming feel to your outdoor area, though some bright yellow, red or orange cushions will go a long way to increase the feeling of welcome and warmth.

The difference between a warm and a cool colour can be critical in an entertaining area, so leave no doubt in your guests’ minds about the warmth of the welcome at your place. By having your outdoor entertainment area be all the right colours, you can make it somewhere that always feels like a good place to be.

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