Outback Cooldek Roofing

Cooldek is an "all in one" roofing product, including roofing, insulation and ceiling.

The ultra-modern Cooldek roofing is a new generation Australian outdoor roofing design, built to handle the tough Australian climate.

Cooldek gives you the very best in modern outdoor roofing -

  • 1

    Create a fantastic design to match your beautiful new home. The extraordinarily versatile Cooldek roofing can be tailor-made for your home patio or veranda, including colour schemes and roof profile design.

  • 2

    Manage your outdoor space. If you need big space coverage, Cooldek is definitely your best solution. Cooldek is designed to solve cover issues and manage your ground space as well.

  • 3

    Full lifetime warranty. Cooldek roofing comes with a 15 year lifetime warranty.

  • 4

    Insulation. Cooldek has its own insulation built in for best thermal performance. Cooldek is an "all in one" roofing product, including roofing, insulation and ceiling.

  • 5

    A no-clutter roofing frame and supports. The new Cooldek high performance frames and supports minimize the space needed for support.

  • 6

    Australian Standard quality. All Cooldek products are tested and certified to comply with Australian Standards.

  • 7

    A great look for any home. Cooldek is a true designer product, beautifully finished with glossy tones and a perfect finish. It's designed to look great, and it does.

  • 8

    Upgrade your exterior space with Cooldek. You'll be stunned by the sheer range of options for design and adding new values to your outdoor living areas.

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