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What Makes a Great Aussie Home?

The great Australian dream has always been considered owning your own home and personalising it. It seems that we may have the idea of a quarter acre block with a three bedroom house in the back of our minds but those days are past. Now, a great Aussie home is what you make it but there are still some common factors affecting what we purchase and how we upgrade our accommodation.

The Australian home is getting smaller in the city areas but the family home has continued to be popular in other areas. The key to a great Aussie home is in how liveable it is and how good it is for entertaining. As a very sociable nation having patios and pergolas to entertain under is extremely important.

Your Outdoor Area

Your outdoor area should be a source of pride for a great Aussie home and whether you have a big lawn or just a few pot plants it has to a place to enjoy. It is here that you will spend your summers escaping the heat under your pergola or on your veranda with a cold drink. Consider where Australia would be without all of these great outdoor areas around our homes.

Even if you do not have a big backyard like older Australian homes you will usually have at least a balcony. An outdoor area lets you have a classic Australian BBQ with friends or to just sit around and gossip and chat. Even a courtyard is enough to have you living the great Australian dream.

Somewhere to Escape

The Australian home is a place of refuge, a place to escape to when the world is getting you down. You can come inside after a hard days work and should be able to switch off. This is why an Aussie home needs to be comfortable with at least one lounge (preferably 2 or more!) and of course a great living room.

A Place for the Television

The living room is the usual place Australians like to keep ‘one’ of their television sets. In fact, many Australians own multiple TVs and it is not uncommon for a family to have one in each room. Such a sport loving nation needs to have the cricket, footy or golf on in every room of the house!

Australian homes are changing a little though as the use of computers and other technology starts to creep in. We are seeing Australian internet with multiple computers in family households as we get our entertainment more and more from Youtube than television. We won’t see the television disappear but we will see it become more interactive (and possibly 3D!) in the years to come.

Let the Breeze In

A breezy Australian house suits a relaxed Australia lifestyle down to the bone. The classic Australian home used to have a big hallway running down the middle so that the summer breeze could blow right through the house and keep it cool. Australian’s have now fallen in love with air-conditioning but there is nothing like nice fresh summer air coming in through the windows!

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