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What to Look For in a Veranda Company

If you’ve decided to add value and appeal to your home by installing a pergola or veranda, you’ve still got  lot of decisions to make! Style, size, shape and materials are all factors you should take into consideration, but the most important decision you’ll make is which company you decide to go with. There are several things that a good installation company should offer, and we’ve put together a list to help make the choice easier!

Budget Consideration

A good veranda company will take your budget concerns into consideration and speak with you extensively about options, alternatives and which products will work best with your limitations. If a company neglects to discuss your options with you and insists on trying to ‘upsell’ certain  products to you, they’re probably not taking your needs and concerns into consideration. The more versatile a company is able to be, the more trust they deserve from you.

Style and Design

A company willing to share their design knowledge with you is a good investment–with a wealth of experience installing all kinds of different verandas and pergolas, a good company should be able to take your desires, the limitations of the space and the requirements of the local council into consideration and come up with a few options and designs for you to look at. It’s important to choose a company that is willing to spend time customising a solution for your home, rather than trying to force an existing design without having spent the time to analyse your space.


While it is impossible to give an exact date for completion with structural changes (as local laws and regulations have to be taken into consideration) be wary of a company that gives you no timeline whatsoever. All projects should have a detailed planning process so while they may not be able to give you exact dates, they should be able to project a basic time structure and share that with your family. Having said this, any company that gives you an ‘airtight guarantee’ of when your veranda will be finished should be approached with some skepticism.

Choosing the right company to install your veranda or pergola is the first and most important decision you should make after you’ve decided to add one to your home. It’s not only important that you find a company skilled in the design and installation process–you need to find one that is able to communicate properly with you and present you with the right options. As with any business agreement, communication is vital, and should be one thing you don’t negotiate on.

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