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Why Go Tiny When You Can Go Big?

So what do you think? Would your home and garden benefit from a big veranda or patio area to enjoy with the rest of your family?

There is no doubting the advantages of having a large outdoor area that is designed for people to relax and enjoy themselves in. And you can of course combine a veranda with a patio if you want to cut down on the size of the lawn you want to mow!

There is no reason why a big veranda and patio layout should overwhelm your garden if you plan it right. A home patio area extending out from your veranda – or perhaps even in a different area of your garden altogether – can look stunning, especially when you soften the look of it with some clever planting.

People also tend to assume that a patio has to be right next to the house, but that isn’t necessarily the case. A verandah is certainly better off in this position. Some of them can be freestanding but other designs do need to be supported by being attached to another building.

So why not have your verandah extending away from your house and feeding onto a path that leads to a patio area elsewhere in your garden? This idea is becoming more and more popular and allows the garden to become more pro-active. After all, how many of us never venture too far away from the house itself?

If you build a big patio area at the opposite end of your garden you will be amazed at how much you will want to use it! If you can make sure that the placement is in a shady or cosy area that is partially sheltered by trees, then you will really notice how lovely it feels to sit there.

Remember though that big outdoor areas like this demand more outdoor furniture. Don’t assume you will be happy to pick up that heavy sun lounger and cart it to the foot of the garden every time! If you are investing in more practical areas in your garden, make sure you invest in the right items to enjoy them to the full as well.

When you are thinking big in this way, it’s a great idea to get the rest of the family involved as well. How would everyone else be likely to use the garden? If you have children you may want a specific area elsewhere that is uniquely theirs to play in. Alternatively having a much bigger veranda may be a better option because it will mean they are playing much closer to the house.

As you can see there is a lot to think about whatever size veranda you want to go for. In the end, even if you have a relatively small garden you can have a larger veranda or patio area to bring out that cosy feel and to turn it into somewhere you will want to spend a lot of time in.

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